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Conditions of sale


Client: subject who books and purchases the tourist package, even through an intermediary, (e.g. a relation, head of family or of a tour, etc.)
Tourist or Participant: person who participates in the trip/holiday purchased by the Client.
Intermediary or Seller: subject who sells or binds himself to supplying tourist packages against money considerations, even non professionally and non-profit, according to the terms of the following art. 1.
Organisation: subject who binds himself, on behalf of himself and against money consideration, to obtain tourist packages for third party, responsable for providing the combination of elements specified in art.1, or of giving the tourist the possibility, through distance comunication, of combining and purchasing the elements indipendently.

1. Concept of tourist package
The Tourist has the right to receive a copy of the sales contract of the tourist packages according to articles 35 and 36 of the 79/2011 Consumer code. The concept of tourist package (art.34 decree law 79/2011 – Tourism Code) is as follows: Tourist packages regard trips, vacation holidays cruises and “all inclusive” stays resulting from the prefixed combinations of at least two elements indicated as follows, sold or offered at a flat-rate price, and organised by any party in any manner:
a) transportation
b) accomodations
c) additional tourist services not included in transportation or accomodation that constitute a significant part of the tourist package, to the full satisfaction of the Tourist.

2. Legislative sources
The sale transaction of tourist packages, is regulated by these general conditions as well as those included in the travel documents delivered to the Client. This contract, whether with the object of providing services nationally or abroad, is governed by the provisions, where applicable, of L.D. 27/12/1997 n°1084, by ratification and fulfillment of the International Convention concerning travel contracts (CCV), signed in Brussels on 23/04/1970 and by decree law 79/2011 – Tourism Code.

3. Information for the tourist – Data sheet
The organiser (Caldo Glaciale Viaggi) shall provide the Client with a data sheet, which may or may not be included in the catalogue, even via electronic or telematic methods. The obbligatory information to be inserted in the data sheet in the catalogue or in the programme not included in the catalogue includes:
- reference data for administrative authorisation or, if applicable, the D.I.A. or S.C.I.A of the organiser.
- Valid period of the catalogue or of the programme not included in the catalogue.
- Parameters and methods for trip price adjustment (regulated by art.40 of the Consumer Code)
- Methods and conditions for traveller substitution (regulated by art.39 of the Consumer Code)
The conditions, rules and information comprised in the data sheet as general conditions are an integral part of the same.

4. Bookings –Proposal/ Confirmation of purchase of the tourist package
The booking proposal can be carried out only following the Client’s acceptance of the general conditions of the contract. The tourist package proposal/purchase form will be sent directly to the Client, or to the travel agency/ seller via e-mail or fax. Acceptance of bookings will be considered complete, resulting in the conclusion of the contract, only when the organiser, following payment on behalf of the Client, sends written confirmation even by e-mail or telephone to the Client or to the travel agency acting as seller/intermediary.
Indications concerning packages,which are not contained in the contractual documents, brochures or other means of written comunication will be provided by the organiser in fulfillment of his obbligations as provided by art. 37 of Legislative decree 79/2011 – Consumer Code, before the departure.

5. Payment
According to art. 36 of LD79/2011, on acceptance of purchase of the tourist packet, the Client will pay a deposit of 25% of the total amount of the packet purchased. The balance will be paid subsequently according to the booking date but not later than 30 days prior to the departure date.
Specifically: for bookings confirmed at less than 30 days and up to 7 days before departure date, the balance must be paid within the first working day following the date of the booking itself. For bookings made at less than 7 days before departure date, full payment must be made within the same day as the booking. The days are calculated by the calendar. Failure to pay the amounts above mentioned by the deadlines is considered a termination clause that can determine, by the organiser, the legal termination of the contract. The Client will be liable to the payment of a penalty fee indicated in the data sheet at the paragraph related to Cancellation Penalties.

6. Price
The price of the tourist package is determined in the travel contract, on the basis of the information given in the catalogue or in the extra-catalogue programme, or on any subsequent updates thereof. The price of the tourist packet may be subject to adjustments up to 20 days before the date of departure and only as a consequence of changes registered in:
- cost of transport, including fuel costs.
- Fees and taxes on some types of tourist services such as taxes, landing, disembarkation or embarkation fees of passengers in ports or airports.
- Changes in currency taxes applied to the package in question.
For such variations reference shall be made to exchange rates and to the above mentioned costs in force at the date indicated in the data sheet, as well as to the date of any updates thereof. The fluctuations shall be applied on the fixed price of the tourist package in the percentage expressly indicated in the catalogue or extra-catalogue programme data sheet.

7. Withdrawal by the Client
The Client may cancel the contract without paying penalties in the following cases: - increase in the price referred to in art. 6 to an extent exceeding 10% of the value of the whole tourist package.
- Significant modification of one or more elements of the contract objectively definable as essential for the fruition of the tourist package as a whole and proposed by the organiser after the conclusion of the contract before the departure and not accepted by the Client.
In the cases mentioned above, the Client has the right either:
- to make use of an alternative tourist package
- to a refund of the part of the amount already paid (net of booking fee, if the variation was unavoidable due to unforeseeable circumstances). This refund will be made within seven working days from receipt of the request for reimbursement.
The Client must comunicate his decision ( to accept the modification or to withdraw from the contract) within and not later than two working days from the time of receiving the notification of increas or modification. In the absence of express notice within such period, the proposal made by the organiser will be considered accepted. The Client who will withdraw from the contract before the departure outside the assumptions formally listed, will pay – regardless of the payment of the deposit mentioned in art. 5 and as well as the booking fee, the penalty indicated in the specifications of the data sheet at the paragraph related to Cancellation Penalties. In the case of pre-established groups such penalties shall be agreed upon on a case by case basis when stipulating the contract.

8A. Modification or cancellation of the tourist package before departure date by the organiser
If the organiser must significantly modify one or more elements of the contract, immediate written notice must be given to the Client, indicating the type of modification and the subsequent price variation. Notice must be given before the departure date. If he does not accept the modification, the Client may exercise the right to regain either the sum already paid (net of booking fee, if the variation was unavoidable due to unforeseeable circumstances), or to enjoy the offer of a package of substitution as specified in art. 7. The Client can exercise the above mentioned rights when cancellation is due to failure to reach the minimum number of participants indicated in the catalogue or in the extra-catalogue programme, or due to force majeure or unforeseeable circumstances relative to the tourist package. In the latter case (cancellation due to force majeure or unforeseeable circumstances, or rimpatriation due to same causes), the Client can be reimbursed of the amount already paid, net of booking fee. According to art. 42 and L.D. 79/2011, if the tourist package is cancelled before departure date for any reason other than those caused by the Client, the Client may opt for an alternative tourist package, without increase in price, or for the return of the excess price, should the second tourist package be of inferior quality to the first, or be refunded only the part of the price already paid, within 7 working days from receipt of request of reimbursement.

8B. Modification before departure date by the Client
Modifications requested by the Client after booking such as a change of date or of lodging facilities can entail the application of the following adjustment costs, as well as possible extra charges of which notice will be given at the moment of the request:
- Up until 30 calendar days before departure date - €25 per person.
- From the 29th to the 20th calendar day – 5% of the basic price (excluding booking fee, administration costs and any insurance cover requested).
- From the 19th to the 10th calendar day – 20% of the basic price (excluding booking fee, administration costs and any insurance cover requested).
- From the 9th to the 4th calendar day – 40% of the basic price (excluding booking fee, administration costs and any insurance cover requested).
- From the 3rd day to the calendar day before departure date – 100% of the basic price (excluding booking fee, administration costs and any insurance cover requested).
- In case of name substitutions, the Client will refer to the conditions required by art.10. For all packages organised in collaboration with airlines, any modification is subjected to penalties, regulated in compliance with the provisions of the airlines.

1) a decrease in number of participants of a tourist package will be considered as "partial cancellation" (see art.7 - Withdrawal of Client).
2) the term “destination” refers not to the country but to the town/city, since there can be more than one destination within the same country.
3) when more than one modification is requested at the same time, only the highest adjustment cost will be applicated.

9. Modifications after departure
According to art. 41, paragraph 2 of L.D. 79/2011, should the organiser, after departure, finds that he/she is unable to provide, for any reason other than personal reasons regarding the Client, an essential part of the services agreed on in the contract, he/she must offer alternative solutions, without additional costs to the Client. If the services proposed are of an inferior value with respect to those foreseen, a refund equivalent to the difference must be given. If no other alternative solutionscan be arranged, or if the solution proposed by the organiser is refused by the customer for proven and justified reasons, the organiser shall supply, with no surcharge, a means of transport equivalent to that originally planned so as to permit the Client to return to the place of departure or other place agreed upon, in so far as the availability of means and seats allows, and shall refund the Client the difference between the cost of the services proposed and that of the actual services supplied up to the time of early return. When the inability to supply an essential part of the services contained in the travel contract is due to force majeure or unforeseeable events, the booking fee will not be refunded.

10. Substitutions
According to art. 39 of L.D. 79/2011, a Client may be substituted by another person provided that:
a) the organiser receives written notice of the substitution before the departure date, and receives the details regarding the substitute Client.
b) The substitute Client satisfies all the conditions of the travel package and in particular the requirements regarding passport, entry permits and health certificates. An variation charge of €50 will be applied for each substitution made and comunicated at less then 4 working days before the departure date.
The organiser wishes to point out that, in some cases, a third party supplying services may not accept the substitution of a Client, even if notice is given within the time specified at point a).
The organiser will not therefore be held responsable for the refusal on behalf of a third party supplying services to accept any modifications. In this case, notice of the refusal will be comunicated to the contracting party as soon as the refusal is made known by the third party.

11. Client's obbligations
All participants must be in possession of individual passports or of any other document necessary for travelling in all the places included in the itinerary, as well as visas, transit passes and health certificates which may be requested. Clients will also respect the laws and regulations within the countries included in the journey, all the information given by the organiser, and the regulations regarding the administative or legislative provisions in relation to travel packages. The Client will be liable for any and all damages the organiser may undergo if the above mentioned obbligations are not respected.
The Client shall provide the travel organiser with all documents and information in his/her possession which can be useful for replacement right towards third parties responsable for damages, and is liable to the organiser regarding the detriment of replacement rights.
At the time of booking, the Client will notify in writing to the organiser all personal requests that may be the subject of specific agreements on conditions of travel, provided that these requests are feasible.

12. Hotel classification
The official classification of the hotels is listed in the catalogue or in other informative material only on the basis of the specific and formal indications supplied by the enforcement bodies of the countries in which the service is provided, as specified in art. 38 paragraph b of L.D. 79/2011. In the absence of official classification recognised by the public enforcement bodies of the countries, even if members of the E.U., to which the service refers, the organiser reserves the right to include a personal description of the facility in the catalogue or leaflet, in order to allow the Client to assess, and consequently accept, the same.

13. Responsability regime
The organiser is liable for damages caused to the Client in relation to the total or partial non-fulfillment of the services specified in the contract. This applies whether the services are carried out directly by the travel organizer or by third parties, unless it is proven that this non-fulfillment is caused by the Guest (this includes autonomous initiatives that the Guest assumes during the journey) or caused by circumstances which are outside the services foreseen by the organized travel package, by fortuitous cases, by circumstances beyond his control, that is, by circumstances that the travel organizer could not reasonably foresee or solve.

The intermediary used for the reservation of the organized travel package is not liable for obligations arising from the organization of the journey, but is exclusively responsible for the obligations arising from the role of intermediary and, however, within the limits foreseen by the laws in force for such responsibility. It is important to specify that it is the responsability of the Client to verify all documents and/or visas necessary to visit the country of his/her choice, and also to communicate to all participants of the holiday the conditions above which may concern them.

14. Compensation limits
Compensation for damages by artt. 44, 45 e 47 of the Italian Tourism Code and relevant prescription terms, are regulated as provided herein and in any case within the limits expected from the C.C.V., the International conventions which governing the services object of the travel package as well as artt. 1783 and 1784 of the Civil Code.

15. Assistance obligation
The travel organizer must provide the customer with assistance in the measure required by the criteria of professional diligence, exclusively in reference to the obligations he/she is responsible for under law or by contract.
The travel organizer and the intermediary are exempt from their respective responsibilities (articles 13 and 14 of the present General Conditions) when the failed or inexact execution of the contract is attributable to the Guest or depends on an unforeseeable or inevitable outside event, or in the case of fortuitous events or force majeure.

16. Claims and complaints
Any fault in carrying out the terms of the contract must be notified without delay by the Client so that the organizer, their local representative or guide can resolve the issue promptly. Otherwise, the damages will be reduced or excluded pursuant to art. 1227 c.c. In order to lodge a valid complaint, the Guest must send a written complaint registered mail with return receipt to the organizer or intermediary, within and no later than ten working days from the return date to the place of departure. For more information, see provisions of art. 49 of L.D. 79/2011 Code).

17. Travel insurance coverage
As well as RC insurance coverage, it is advisable to stipulate extra insurance coverage as a precaution.
The organiser will not be liable for losses or costs deriving from non-fullfilment of obligations regarding insurance coverage on behalf of the Client.

18. National Compensation Fund
The National Compensation Fund was established by the Directorate General of Tourism of the Productive Activities Ministry– in order to provide, in the event of insolvency or of bankruptcy declared by the intermediary or the organizer, for the following requirements:

a) refund of the price paid;
b) repatriation in case of journeys abroad.
c) the Fund must promptly provide Guests with financial funds in the event of forced return from countries not included in the European Community, due to emergencies which may be ascribable, or not, to the behavior of the organizer.

The organizer contributes to supply the Fund to the extent established by paragraph 2 of art. 51 of L.D. 79/2011

19. Data protection and Privacy of the Client/Tourist – information according to art. 13 L.D. 196/2003
The Client who books and purchases a tourist package, whether through the organiser or an intermediary (such as a group leader or head of family), is obliged to comunicate the contents of the general conditions of sale (this point in particular) to all the participants of the holiday (ie. fellow travellers), in order to guarantee full use of the personal data supplied, necessary in order to carry out business dealings with Caldo Glaciale. Given the above, hereafter follows a series of points which illustrate treatment of personal data on behalf of Caldo Glaciale; for further information see ex art. 13 D.L. 196/2003, also consultable on internet website and/or in annex to the contractual documents, which the Client is advised to read carefully.

- personal data supplied directly by the CLIENT (subject who books and purchases the tourist package), also concerning his fellow travellers, either directly or through authorized subjects.
- data regarding the requested or used services
- data collected during the journey or during the stay in lodging facilities which, in absence of authorisation or other legitimate factors, are retained only for the necessary time in order to guarantee the best service.

Personal data is indispensable in order to fulfill the contract and the execution of the services requested by the Client, and can be used for the following purposes:
a) In order to satisfy the requests of the Client and of his fellow travellers, guaranteeing appropriate assistance as well as attentive and customised service
b) In order to fulfill contractual, accounting and fiscal obligations in compliance with the laws, rules and regulations.
c) In order to claim and defend rights base data, mail listing and statistical issues. Furthermore Clients are informed that, unless otherwise specified, all contact details supplied (telephone number, home and e-mail address) may be used for surveys related to the degree of satisfaction of the clientele, and/or for commercial mail/ comunications in relation to services similar to those requested. It is understood that the Client concerned has the right to refuse authorisation of this kind of treatment of his/her data at any point.

In relation to the afore-mentioned purposes, the processing of personal data may be carried out with paper-based, electronic or telematic instruments, chosen according to criteria based on functionality, safety, efficiency and speed. Always, however ,guaranteeing maximum privacy and pertinence and never exceeding in relation to the purposes precedently illustrated.

Data may be processed by the following authorised and/or responsable parties: Caldo Glaciale staff involved in Web Marketing, Sales, Organisation and management of tourist packages and Customer care, administration and technical staff, Subjects (Societies/professionals) related or not to Caldo Glaciale Viaggi, who supply auxiliary services, performing and completing the relationship governed by these general conditions in as much as is necessary in order to carry out functions such as: fiscal, accounting and custom obligations, sales and technical management, financial services, debt recovery, strictly only and always as much as is necessary to carry out their functions.

Personal data can be conveyed or made available:
to subjects who can have access to the information in compliance with the law, with regulations or with community regulations, within the limits required by these regulations; to other Subjects (Societies/professionals) who supply auxiliary management services, performing and completing the relationship governed by these general conditions, to the authorities and Italian or foreign public offices when required by specific regulations; this information can be directed abroad, either within or outside the European Comunity to the countries the Client will be passing through or going to.
All communications are naturally limited to the data strictly necessary to the body/office of destination for the execution of their functions and/or in order to accomplish the purpose of the comunication itself. Lastly, the information related to the journey can be made available, with the Client’s authorisation, to his/her family should an emergency arise.

Personal data will not be disclosed.

The personal data which must be obligatorily conveyed in order to make the purchase of a tourist packet possible, to allow the subsequent managing of the contract and in order to deliver the services requested by the Client, will be indicated on the forms supplied to the Client. Communication of any other data, not directly pertinent to contractual obligations but useful to the purposes formally mentioned is optional, and its absence will not result in any consequences, if not the impossibility of managing the relationship with the Client/tourist in an optimal way.
When necessary, a specific permission may be requested, sometimes indispensable (ie use of sensitive data conveyed by the Client) in order to satisfy the requirements of the Client or of his/her fellow travellers.
Caldo Glaciale Viaggi , whose registered office is in Via San Domenico 16, 43043 Borgo Val di Taro (PR) is responsable for the processing of personal data.

All concerned may exercise their rights- ex art. 7 L.D. 196/2003 (obtain the confirmation of the existance of personal data related to them as well as intelligible communication of such information, obtain the indication of the origin of personal data and confirmation of the contents of the information, obtain updates, correction or additions to the data; cancellation or blocking of violated data) by contacting the person in charge of this area at Caldo Glaciale Viaggi via e-mail: - or by phoning this number: 0525 920080 specifying to the operator the nature of the request or problem.


General sales contract conditions of separate tourist services

The contracts having as object the offer of the service of transportation and accommodation only, that is of any other separate tourist service, and since it cannot be considered a negotiation of the travel organization, that is of the travel package, are regulated by the following regulations of the CCV (International Convention on Travel Contracts): art. 1, no. 3 and no. 6; art. from 17 to 23; art. from 24 to 31, limited to parts of such regulations that do not refer to the contract of organization, as well as to other agreements specifically referring to the sale of the individual object of contract.

The following clauses of the above mentioned general conditions of organized travel package sales contract are also applicable to the Addendum: art. 4; art. 5; art. 7; art. 8; art. 9; art. 10; art. 11; art.15; art. 17.
The application of these clauses does not determine the configuration of the relative contracts as part of organized travel package. The terminology of the above mentioned clauses relating to the organized travel package contract (organizer, trip, etc.) shall be understood with reference to the corresponding figures of the sales contract of the separate tourist services (seller, stay, etc.).

The Italian Law punishes with jail the crimes related to child prostitution and pornography, including those committed in foreign countries.


(ex art.3 integral part of the General Conditions of Contract)

Prices are to be considered per person on a day and/or week basis.
The prices indicated for each hotel, if not stated otherwise, are to be considered per person in double room occupied by two people; for appartments the prices are to be considered per person and relative to the number of occupants specified.
To calculate the cost of a holiday it is necessary to consult the price list and identify the period in which the departure date falls, determining the relative price. For example, any possible surcharges for accomodation in single rooms, for half or full board, or for all-inclusive treatment, are indicated in the price list pubblicated in the catalogue, per person, per night. The prices comprise:
Basic price, which includes:
- Accomodation and treatment as indicated for each facility (in some cases, although full board was planned, the first and last meals may not be consumed for practical reasons, such as arrival and departure time of the tourists; in these cases the hotel will not concede refunds).
Expenses, which include:
- Auxiliary Costs (Specialised staff assistance at destination);
Basic insurance coverage for Medical Aid/ Luggage and Assistance).
Prices DO NOT comprise, if not otherwise specified:
- Tourist taxes, where required.
- Local taxes, where specified.
- Any meals not expressly indicated in the journey plan.
- Tips or any extra costs in general.
- Any additional optional insurance coverage (Flight delays, Cancelled journeys, additional Medical Insurance).
- Booking fee for each participant (excepting children under 2 years of age).
- Anything not expressly mentioned in the previous paragraph “The prices comprise”.

Hotel classification is based on the formal indications by the competent authorities of the country where the service is implemented. The prices pubblicated refer to accomodation in rooms with separate twin beds or; the Client is informed that, in some facilities, triple or quadruple rooms may consist of double rooms (ie with a double bed) with additional beds; the latter may be smaller than conventional beds, or pull-out couches. Single rooms are therefore subjected to supplements.
In some cases they may be small and not particularly well-positioned.
International conventions determine that the rooms must be made available to the Client from h14:00 onwards, and must be cleared within h12:00 regardless of the Client’s departure time. Use of the rooms after h12:00 must be agreed exclusively with the hotel management, which can exercise the right to request a surcharge. Requests of rooms with particular requirements (ie rooms which are close to each other, rooms for couples, communicating rooms, etc…) must be made at the moment of booking, but will be treated exclusively as non-binding factors which the hotel, according to availabilty, may or may not be able to satisfy; these requests cannot therefore be guaranteed.

- Prices for accomodation in appartments include cleaning service (some days of the week), change of sheets and towels, and every other expense such as electricity consumption etc, and do not include the cleaning of the kitchen area.
– The organiser cannot guarantee the presence of a kitchen corner in appartments.
– The pictures in the catalogue are purely indicative examples and do not necessarily represent the accomodation booked.
- Single, triple and family rooms are subjected to limited availability.

Re-routing and overbooking in hotels
In the eventuality that, for any reason not attributable to the Caldo Glaciale Agency, on the Client’s arrival, the hotel cannot guarantee the accomodation previously and properly booked and confirmed by the Client, the hotel management will be binded to re-route the Client to another accomodation facility (to be considered as a substitution of the hotel and of room type) of same or superior classification as the one originally planned, also in facilities which are not in the Caldo Glaciale Viaggi catalogue. The Caldo Glaciale Viaggi on-the-spot representative will be present and available to the Client in order to resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

On the beaches, when included in the package, there are very often bathing establishments not associated to hotels, therefore activity in and use of these services are always against payment, if not otherwise indicated. Use of swimming pool service, TV, telephone, safety deposit box, mini bar, are all subject to the conditions of the hotel management.

Treatment will be in accordance with the programme description. Meals, if not otherwise specified, must be consumed at the main restaurant of the hotel. Half board is to be considered as 7 breakfasts and 7 dinners, and full board as stated above plus 7 lunches. There is no reimbursement for meals not consumed during the stay due to variations in times of departure, participation in excursions etc. A la carte restaurants in hotels are not included in the basic treatment of the package, therefore are to be considered as extras. Meals and consumations not included in the treatment must be arranged as extras directly with the hotel before departure. Unless expressly specified, drinks are not included with meals. When treatment is full board including drinks, drinks are to be considered as a 50cl bottle of mineral water and 25cl of wine for lunch and for dinner, except when modifications have been specified in the description of the package or on the spot. Any other unscheduled meals according to the booked arrangements must be paid for as extras on the spot. There is no refund for unconsumed meals for any reason during the stay (variations in times, excursions etc…).

- on arrival: once having arrived at their destination, Clients will be welcomed by assistants from Caldo Glaciale viaggi or representatives of an associated agency, who will organise the transfer to the hotels with means of transport reserved for them.
- During the stay: at the hotels which participate in the Caldo Glaciale Viaggi programme, tourists will receive a leaflet containing the principal information related to the stay and to the departure, and telephone numbers of the local representatives or tourist assistants who they may contact for any requests of information or for urgent communications.

Medical assistance
If any medical expenses should arise, they will be dealt with by the insurance coverage stipulated with the contract where purchased.
The Client is requested to always contact staff on the spot for information regarding exemption procedures.

Cancellation penalties
The Client who withdraws from the contract, in cases not stated in art. 7 of the General Conditions will be subject to pay penalties as follows:
The calculation of the days does not include that of withdrawal:
from the day after booking up until the 4th calendar day before departure date – 50% of the basic price plus all expenses and booking fee.
100% of the value of the whole procedure after this date.
Some services may be subject to different penalties, in this case they will be declared at the moment of booking.

Claims and complaints
The expenses which determine the price of a tourist package are composed of a number of services the value of which cannot be singularly estimated and refunded if not used. According to art. 49 of L.D. 79/2011 “any failure to execute the terms of the contract must be contested by the tourist through a prompt presentation of complaint in order to permit the organiser, the local representative or the chaperone resolve the problem rapidly”. Therefore, the Client is strongly advised to give notice of any poor service, or of complaints regarding services confirmed and benefited from, amongst those included in the tourist package purchased, as soon as the reason for complaint takes place, in order to obtain the best possible assistance. In full respect of the Client’s requirements, the notification must be made to the Caldo Glaciale Viaggi agency through the on-the-spot staff, responsable for tourist assistance. For further information please see art. 16 (Claims and Complaints) of the General Conditions of Contract.

General notifications
1) The description of the hotels and their official classification, the excursion itineraries and information on destinations are supplied by the organiser on the basis of information given by service providers, available to the organiser at the moment of publication of the catalogue or of other informative material, as well as on the basis of the specific and formal indications supplied by the enforcement bodies of the countries in which the service is provided; they may therefore be subject to variations, even without warning. In the absence of official classification recognised by the public enforcement bodies of the countries to which the service refers, the organiser reserves the right to include a personal description of the facility in the catalogue or leaflet, in order to allow the Client to assess, and consequently accept, the same.
2) The facilities and sports activities theoretically practicable are described on the basis of information supplied by the hotel managements concerned. It is possible that service providers may encounter delays with previously declared opening/restructuring deadlines, or that maintenance work in some facilities may temporarily not permit use or full use of the same.
3) It is not the responsability of our Tourist Assistance staff to verify the quality of the management of facilities and services, but it is however always available to the clientele for any necessity that should arise during the holiday.
4) When booking your tourist package, we invite you to inspect, in case of any updates, the General Conditions of Sale contracts as well as the information supplied on the data sheet.

Technical organisation
Organisation – Caldo Glaciale di Ambanelli Alessio
Via San Domenico nr.16 – 43043 Borgo Val di Taro (PR)
Insurance Coverage RC n. 4135837 UNIPOLSAI ASS.NI emitted by Borghini e Cossa SRL Caldo Glaciale di Ambanelli Alessio P.I. 02138260340 Cod. Fisc.: mbnlss77a12b042s Iscr. Camera Commercio 559/2001 – N. Rep. 214881 Licenza Provincia di Parma determina N.978 of 07/03/2005 - These Conditions of sale are valid until 30th March 2017 – The current conditions and descriptions of the products are updated to the date in which the paper-based catalogue was printed.
APPLICABLE LAW AND JURISDICTION; this contract is regulated by Italian law. Any dispute arising from this contract will be resolved exclusively by Parma jurisdiction. Obligatory communication in compliance with art 16 L.D. 269/98: Italian Law punishes with jail all crimes related to child prostitution and pornography, including those committed in foreign countries.

Prices include: transport to and from an airport in northern Italy, overnight stay and breakfast. Anything not expressly stated is excluded.
If you purchase a Lovetaro&ceno card, you will have the right to 5 dinners in the restaurants indicated – including a first course, a second course, water, 500ml of wine for two people, dessert and coffee – plus two taxi runs for a maximum distance of 15km.

Where indicated, the prices will be subjected to increases.

Copyright @2016 - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Lovetaro&ceno - piazza Caduti per la Patria, 1 - 43041 Bedonia (PR) - Tel. +39 0525/1861576 - P. IVA 02754790349 - Privacy Policy - Conditions of sales

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